The Chihuahua decided to attack the dog. How did this fight end?

Little Chihuahuas are not without reason considered the standard of canine fearlessness. Being one of the smallest breeds of dogs on the Earth, the chihuahuas are ready to bark at anyone – even an elephant, even a tiger. However, the owners of “brave dogs” have to clean up the mess.

Let’s take a look at the clip itself. The scene is the city of Winnipeg, Canada. A green lawn, on which lays a decent sized German Great Dane. By the way, one of the largest dog breeds on the planet, which adds spice to the plot. A real “battle of the canine antipodes” ensues.

The little “chihuahua” is unable to walk indifferently past the lying dog. He had to stop and get into a fight. The Dane continued to lie there phlegmatically for a while, which further inflamed the little dog. What is surprising: neither the “baby” nor the “giant” seemed to be aware of their capabilities. The little one had no idea that if he wanted to, the Great Dane would simply swat him with one left paw. However, the Great Dane is not happy about such an initiative. He was too lazy to compete with all the little things.

Can you imagine how funny the duel turned out. It must be seen!

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