The chimpanzee cleaned his enclosure and even cleaned the windows

A surprising and amusing incident happened in the Tallinn Zoo. One day after cleaning, an employee forgot his brush in the enclosure where the chimpanzee lives. The animal did not get confused and used the object for its intended purpose. The staff was beyond amazed! It was decided to record the event on video immediately.

The chimpanzee had seen people cleaning her “home” hundreds of times. Therefore, as soon as she took a tool in her hands, she immediately began to repeat the movements of the zoo workers from memory. The monkey succeeded very well. However, it is still far from perfect. The animal first wet-cleaned the floor, and then went straight to the windows. Now instead of clean glass, there were only smudges.

The video immediately went viral. In hundreds of comments, social network users noted that animals are much smarter than we think. And some didn’t miss the opportunity to practice their humor.

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