The demob was on his way home and saw a pathetic, frozen kitty at the bus stop

It took about ten minutes to walk from the train station to the bus stop. But that was on normal days. On this day there was a snowstorm outside, and the wind was such that even frail Sergei found it difficult to walk, so he shifted his feet awkwardly.

The stop was new, so it did not offer much protection from either the blizzard or the wind. There was no one on it at this time but Sergei.

“Shit, the next bus is waiting at least forty minutes. Maybe I should call my dad and tell him to start his old car and come pick me up. No, then there won’t be a surprise that I’m back,” the guy thought.

His eyes gradually got used to the darkness, and Sergei noticed that he was not alone at the bus stop. And that for a few minutes he was closely watched. At the bus stop, besides the demob, there was also a young kitty, who had tried to take shelter from the weather there and was now pondering whether it was safer to run in a snowstorm or stay at the bus stop with a stranger who probably did not like cats, especially street cats.

“Hello, poor guy!” smiled Sergei and cautiously reached out his hand to the cat.

“I’m having a holiday tonight, going home. And I see you have nowhere to go?”

The cat looked at the stranger with less suspicion, but rather with interest. Sergei rummaged through his pockets, but there was nothing there except one cookie.

“I don’t even know if you can eat that,” the young man said uncertainly, placing the treat in front of the cat.

The cat didn’t know the vet’s recommendations either, so he ate the cookie with great pleasure.

When the bus finally arrived, Sergei and the cat had already become best friends. And they got on the bus together. And they both came to the parents’ house: the matured son and the wary, but very contented cat.

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