The dog broke the baby’s plate

The mother of a girl named Laura went into the kitchen and saw a heartwarming picture. The baby talks to the dog and hugs her. As it turned out, the pet of the Beagle breed Charlie saw how his little owner was distracted during breakfast and decided to take advantage of the moment. The beagle crept up to the table and turned the whole dish on the ground. Of course, the plate broke, and the breakfast was on the floor.

Девочка простила песика за то, что тот разбил её тарелку

But the girl Laura did not even think to cry or throw a tantrum! On the contrary, the little girl saw the guilty eyes of Charlie the dog and began to hug him and say that she forgives him.

Of course, almost all dogs or cats like to fool around, turn the whole house upside down. But not all pets get off so easily! Usually, the owners scold pets so that this does not happen again.

Пес разбил тарелку девочки. Реакция малышки - это нечто невероятное!

But in the family where little Laura grows up, apparently, completely different methods of education. The girl is used to the fact that you can cope with any problem just by talking about it and finding out the reasons. Laura realized that the beagle liked breakfast, and he also wanted to eat. And the fact that her plate broke, so it’s not scary, you can buy another one!

Пес разбил тарелку малышки. То, что она сделала после, невероятно! -

It is a pleasure to watch the girl’s communication with the beagle. It’s wonderful when love and understanding reign in the house, instead of quarrels and insults!

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