The dog gathered the sheep and led them for a couple of hours. People were surprised, and then they saw a forest fire

In front of the astonished shepherd, a dog named Patsy quickly gathered a flock of sheep and led them away from the farm. At first the shepherd didn’t understand what was happening, but then he turned around and noticed a forest fire engulfing the forest behind him.

This situation was predictable in light of the critical fires in Australia over the past few months, which have burned millions of hectares of forest.

Joe Hill’s farm was located in a valley at the foot of a mountain, so the fire started spreading from the top of the mountain and people didn’t notice it. However, the dog, Patsy, smelled the fire and reacted to it.

Joe Hill managed to save his farm thanks to the skill of his dog. He noticed his dog’s unusual behavior and guessed what was going on. He prepared water tanks in advance and placed them around the perimeter of the property. By evening, clever Patsy had brought a flock of sheep back to the farm, and she was additionally thanked for her outstanding abilities.

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