The dog is too polite to ask the cat to get out of bed: the endless politeness of Cash, the puppy

Cash’s hallmark has always been his politeness, which he has been since he was rescued 11 years ago.

He will sit with small children who want a long cuddle and will ask permission to sit on any sofa, even if he has been allowed to do so all his life.

He’s the kind of dog who wouldn’t eat steak off the floor unless I told him it was delicious.

A few years ago, a little cat called Gertrude came into the Cash family, and she immediately fell in love with her new big brother.

Gertrude loves to follow Cash wherever he goes, and they even go hiking and other outdoor activities together. Cash has made it her mission to always keep her little sister happy and safe.

“She thought of Cash as her ‘daddy-dog’ as we call him from the beginning,” Scott added.

“She wanted to be everywhere he went and do everything he did.”

She sits and begs and insists that we go out to pee with Cash every morning, otherwise she will meow the whole time we go out without her.

Gertrude regularly sleeps in Cash’s bed because she likes to do everything he does. Cash doesn’t mind most of the time – until it’s bedtime, when he wants her to move over so he can sleep.

Cash is too nice to tell his sister to go away, so he goes to his mother every night and asks for her help.

“She’d give anything for him to snuggle up to her,” Scott observed, “but he’s too nice to try. “Every night when she’s there he’ll come for my help.”

He’ll just stare at me until I figure out why and come help take his sister.

Scott agrees, though, and heads for Cash’s bedside. He can settle in on his own once Gertrude is safely carried off, and his sister usually joins him anyway.

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