The dog was kidnapped seven months ago. The owner went to the shelter without much hope

Volunteers picked up a pit bull, a beautiful brown and white color, on the street. It was a girl. The dog was severely weakened due to lack of food and lack of proper care. It was clear from her appearance that she had been domesticated before. The dog did not rebuff, but meekly let herself be picked up. Her intuition told her that these people wanted to help her. The first thing the rescuers did was to get her back to health, which took five months.

The pit bull had no collar or other items to help locate his owners. The dog was given the name Chloe, who was left to live in an animal shelter. Then there were two possible developments. The first was to find the previous owner, and the second was to find the dog a new home.

To do this, Chloe’s photos were posted in the appropriate group on social networks. This always helps, both in the search for previous owners and for a new family.

At this time, a man was very worried about his missing pet. To be more precise, the dog was stolen. It was a pit bull, named Mary Jane. The dog had been stolen seven months ago and the search for her had not progressed one step. The man had already lost all hope of finding his pet.

But he hasn’t stopped looking through the pages of animal shelters. Over the months, it had become a habit. He looked through the pictures of all the animals that came into the shelter.

One day, he came across pictures of Chloe. He was immediately interested in her profile. Yes, she was like two peas in a pod like his Mary Jane. But the man did not want to rejoice before his time. So he decided to go to the shelter and see the pit bull in person.

Once there, the first thing the man did was tell his story to the shelter staff. And when they took Chloe out, what happened was hard to describe in words. Emotions overwhelmed both the man and his dog.

Chloe, happy that her owner had been found, tried to jump up as high as she could to lick the man’s face. The dog would not calm down. And understandably, seven long months of separation were behind us.

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