The dog went into the store and fell: he needed help

Have people become so indifferent and afraid of everything in the world? Passers-by saw that a pack of dogs were mocking an elderly dog, but did not interfere in the situation. And what was to be done?

It was possible to disperse the flock, and take the injured animal aside. You can’t just watch and remain indifferent. Being human means helping those who are weaker and appreciating any living being. Street animals have a hard time. It is even more difficult for those who used to have a house.They are not accepted into packs, and they do not know how to survive themselves.

The dog named Fog was badly maimed by stray dogs, causing more than one wound. The dog went to people for help. But they continued to ignore him. In desperation, the dog ran into the store and already fell here, completely exhausted.

When the volunteers came for Fog, he just lay there and looked around weakly. He had no strength to resist. The dog looked very old, about 20 years old, although neighbors say that he is not even ten yet. The dog’s entire body was crippled. Stray dogs were cruel. And Fog simply did not have the strength to defend himself, because he could barely get up on his paws because of hunger.

Veterinarians found a lot of external injuries. The dog was sent for tests to check for internal sores. It didn’t work out to pass the tests the next day – after a little rest at night, in the morning Fog went in search of food and was able to find it. The dog dropped the lid from the pot of meat and ate its contents without a trace. The dog has slightly satisfied the hunger that constantly haunts her. But the tests will have to be taken another time, on an empty stomach.

Veterinarians removed the dog’s broken tooth and gave appointments for X-rays, ultrasound, a dozen tests. While there are no results, Fog is given antibiotics to prevent infection through bite wounds, and he is also fed strenuously. With large sizes, the dog weighs only 20 kg.

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