The farmer was sure that his hen was hatching eggs, but closer he saw something completely different

Chickens are often treated like a stupid bird, although this statement is not entirely true. Chickens are very smart. And yet, they are very sensitive to their offspring.

Hatching eggs, chickens monitor the maintenance of a stable temperature. And even when the chicks are born, mom accompanies them for a long time and teaches them the wisdom of life.

While checking the chicken coop, farmer Miguel noticed that one of the chickens was sitting in place without moving. The man decided that she was hatching chickens. But when he got closer, he realized that there were no eggs or chickens in the nest. Instead, the chicken “hatched” kittens.

Shortly before that, a cat came to the chicken coop and gave birth to kittens just in the nest. After seeing the kittens, the chicken, only recently parting with her babies, decided to help the crumbs warm up. The mother hen enveloped the kittens with her warmth. And not far from her, a mother cat was also attached, who was resting after a recent birth.

This story shows that different animals are always ready to help each other, without dividing children into their own and others’.

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