The frightened dog was shivering on the side of the road

A stray dog was spotted on the side of the road. When volunteers approached the animal, it became agitated. But after watching the people for a while and realizing that they would not do any harm, the dog calmed down.

The dog was standing close to a busy highway. Volunteers were worried that they might scare it away with their actions and then the animal would just run under the passing cars.

Not to take any chances, people offered treats to the dog, luring it as far away from the roadway as possible.

The dog was given the nickname Mowgli. After all, he looked as if he was lost in the unfamiliar streets of the city.

As soon as the dog decided to approach people, the volunteers immediately took him into the car.

As it turned out, help arrived just in time. The strong wind, which was getting stronger by the minute, soon turned into a real storm.

When Mowgli was brought to the shelter, he was frightened by everything that was going on and did not dare to come out of his safe carrier.

The shelter staff did not push the animal, but simply left the door of the carrier open, allowing the dog to get used to its new surroundings and come out on its own.

After a few minutes, Mowgli took his first timid step outside and approached the bowls of food.

The volunteers could hardly hold back tears, realizing that the dog had decided to trust them and their care.

Mowgli was examined by a veterinarian, and the dog received the necessary treatment.The dog now lives in a shelter, but some habits from his past life still remain.

Mowgli doesn’t eat the tastiest pieces of food right away; he carries them to his cot.

This is the dog’s innate survival instinct. The animal hides food to keep it away from other predators and to eat it later.

The veterinarian determined that Mowgli was about 8 years old.

This is a serious age for a dog. But this dog’s life is just beginning and his eyes shine with love and anticipation of happiness.

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