The guy wanted to help the stray dog. But the strange medallion around her neck turned things around abruptly!

For Tyler Wilson, the day began quite normally.

He woke up, showered, had breakfast, and drove to the gas station. While the iron horse was filling up with gasoline, Tyler looked around and noticed a white dog on the side of the road. He seemed to be watching Tyler closely (he even bent his head to get a closer look at the guy’s handling on his car).

There was no sign of an owner near the dog, and Tyler realized that the dog was wandering on its own. Wilson was very fond of dogs, so he had a natural urge to pet the dog, feed him, and help him in any way he could.

However, when he came closer, he saw that the animal had a collar with a medallion hanging from it.

On it was written:

“My name is Dew. I’m not lost. I just like to travel! Please tell me to go home.”

Tyler complied with the instruction, and their paths parted. But the encounter left an indelible mark on the boy’s soul.

Smart, quiet dog who chose his own way in life! And very understanding owners who trust their friend and see him as a Personality.

Wilson posted photos of Dew and his medallion on Facebook and Twitter. The story instantly went viral on social media! And residents of Louisville, Kentucky, where the dog lives, began spotting the four-legged traveler in various parts of the city.

He watched their affairs like a young thinker.

A little later Dew’s owners set up a personal online account for him. And people started sending in selfies with the dog and reporting his whereabouts, and his owners marked the route of his urban journeys on the map.

And so Dew became the city landmark that everyone knew about! That’s how simple it is to find joy in little things. Even if you’re just a dog.

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