The hunter fed the wolves near the cabin in winter, and they soon thanked him for his kindness

This hunter had his own peculiar tradition, which to many people seemed strange. Every time before he went out hunting, he would leave some of his prey not far from the forest cabin. The forester explained his behavior by the fact that he felt sorry for the wolves, of which there are very few left in Kamchatka – only about a hundred. However, despite the fact that it was a rare species, people continued to hunt.

The old hunter wanted to somehow maintain the number of these predators and so he fed them, leaving food at the cabin. The animals would only come up to the food when no one was around. Sometimes the hunter would watch them from afar and was glad that he could help the animals. As the years passed, the number of wolves increased. Very young wolves were already coming to the smell of food on their own, which indicated that the human efforts were not in vain.

One day the forester returned from a successful hunt, carrying a freshly killed ram on his shoulder. It was too late to go to the village, so he headed for the cabin in the woods. When he almost reached the door, he heard a terrible roar. When he turned around, he saw a huge bear coming out of the thicket. The experienced hunter didn’t panic and quickly drew his knife, as he understood that he would not have time to get to his gun. His chances of salvation were very slim, but suddenly a wolf howl sounded.

A pack of gray predators came out of the darkness and attacked the bear. The wolves grabbed him by the paws and instantly retreated so as not to harm each other. Eventually the bear retreated with a wild roar, unable to cope with so many cruel opponents. The wolves didn’t pursue him, stopped and turned to face the forester.

The forester expected the predators to attack him, but the animals stood for a few more minutes, calmly turned around, and headed into the woods. The man was shocked, but grateful to the wolves for saving him. In the morning, he left all of his prey with the wolves as a sign of his gratitude and headed back to the village, remembering to take his shotgun in case the bear came back.

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