The lion in the zoo plays with the baby, the predator is crazy about the baby.

A zoo is the best place for your child to get to know nature and learn all the beautiful aspects of this world, including the wild world! In zoos, your child can interact with different animals up close, but the main thing is not to stick his or her fingers in the bars of hungry tigers or lions.

The hero of this video is the king of beasts, the lion. He is a proud, brave, strong, and self-satisfied animal! This is evidenced by his imperious gait, mane and respect for himself, which reeks from a mile away. It is enough to observe the majestically marching lion for a short time, and there is not even a shadow of doubt about it.

That’s why, of all the variety of the animal world, it was chosen as the king of beasts. In the behavior of these strong and mighty, but also very graceful cats, there is a lot of nobility and even good-naturedness, because lions never kill for fun. Therefore, their potential victims can safely stay in the company of well-fed lions.

Lions can, live in captivity, can be trained, so we have the opportunity to see them in the circus and the zoo. He is feared by all the inhabitants of the zoo and at the same time admired. Despite its image, the lion can be very cute and has its weaknesses. This lion is the perfect proof of that.

Life in the enclosure is not so colorful and rosy, but this lion had a little visitor. This cute little guy decided to get to know the king of beasts better. He was not at all frightened by the sight of the animal, on the contrary, he was amused. The lion immediately noticed the cute baby and tried to paw at him through the glass of the enclosure.

At first glance, it seems that the lion wants to attack the baby, in fact, it plays with him and can’t take its eyes off the baby. The lion is well groomed and well fed, and he has a large enclosure for walks. He is happy with his life, loves to socialize and play.

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