The little dog wandered through the garbage, looking for food, he froze and got very wet

A volunteer was looking around one day in an almost abandoned neighborhood of her town. On one of the streets, the woman suddenly heard whining coming from somewhere in the dumpster. She walked closer and saw a dirty puppy, digging through a pile of garbage in search of any food.

The volunteer called the dog to her. The dog was frightened at first, but then it ran up to her. The woman named the funny puppy Panda, as he looked very much like this animal.

A caring volunteer brought the puppy to her home and gave him some delicious milk. Without thinking twice, Panda pounced on his treat and began to lap it up quickly. After that, the owner gave the puppy a bath. The pet sat silently the whole time and did not squeak. He probably just liked the bath.

Now Panda lives in complete comfort, receiving love every day. The puppy has managed to grow up, but remains as cute as ever. His rescuer visited the dog more than once to make sure that the living conditions of the animal were normal.

However, Panda did not recognize the kind woman and even barked at her a little. However, this did not embarrass her at all, as the main thing for her is that her find found a owner and a comfortable home.

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