The little hippo was afraid of birds and ran away from them

This is the hilarious moment a little hippo screamed for help after a flock of birds tried to sit on his back. The behemoth tried to run and squirm, trying to disembark unwanted passengers, but to no avail.

Hippos and starlings usually have a mutually beneficial relationship. The bird feeds on any ticks and other parasites that a hippo may suffer from. But in this case, it seems that this young hippopotamus is far from welcoming the starlings.

He even tried to pretend to run into the water to scare them away. But it didn’t work. Fortunately for the hippo, the birds soon gave up trying to feed and flew away. The pictures were taken in one of the zoos in Switzerland.

“I was watching the pack and didn’t notice that it needed help.Suddenly I noticed that it was running towards me along with its unwanted guests.”
“At first I was very surprised by what I saw. But then I realized what was happening. It was very funny,” says one of the employees.

Agree that these pictures are really very funny.

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