The lone dog was chased away with stones and sticks because of his appearance. But at the shelter, the truth about him came out

The hero of this story would bring a whole new meaning to the expression “lone wolf.

Castiel, as he would later be called, wandered lonely in the backwaters of Los Angeles in search of food, warmth, and salvation. He was very weak, covered in parasites and with missing pieces of hair all over his body. People tried not to approach him, chasing him away with sticks and stones…

Fortunately, there was a man who saw the animal and realized he needed help. He contacted a rescue organization, which set out to find Castiel.

Only when our hero got to the shelter did something incredible come to light. It was not a dog, but a wolfdog – a true hybrid of a wolf and a dog. And because of this, the volunteers had several serious problems:

– It is forbidden to keep wild animals in the shelter (and a wolfdog is one of them).
– He has to live the life of a wolf.
– If the volunteers do not figure out what to do with him soon, he will have to be put to sleep.

Fortunately, the WOLF Sanctuary, which specializes in helping both wolves and their hybrids, heard about the story.

But before leaving for his new home, Castiel needed to improve his health. Both physically and mentally.

Surrounded by care, nursing and love, our hero began to thrive.

The vets were able to cure his scabies and his hair began to grow back.

Regular feeding brought his weight back to normal.

It’s time to enter the reserve and meet new friends there.

Volunteers knew that Castiel might have trouble forming a pack, because he had been on his own for a long time. On top of that, he had most likely gone through abuse and bullying by humans.

And being able to live in a pack is the most important thing for wolves.

Castiel was in no hurry to force things. At first he just enjoyed and admired the nature. And only then he began to look at the other animals in the reserve.

The staff at the center decided that Castiel would be helped by love.

They introduced him to Tenali, a wolfdog who had recently turned three.

She, too, was recently rescued from cruel conditions. The wolfdogs are very common in those parts and many of them are very badly treated.

Tenali is very affectionate and energetic, which confused Castiel a little.

But she was also very wise. She understood that her new friend needed time and did not force the issue.

After a couple of days, Castiel realized that Tenali wouldn’t hurt him and began to take a mutual interest. Now they fell in love and spent days together.

He was lonely, miserable, and very sick. But thanks to kind people he now has a home, care and love.

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