The man didn’t want to see the dogs suffer and saved 450 of them!

Sasha Pejic could not see the suffering of street dogs – humiliated, hungry and lonely dogs were everywhere he looked. The only alternative to life on the streets was death in the hands of animal handlers.

Thus, he began taking in as many dogs as he could afford, and soon he was running a shelter for hundreds of dogs.

With Pejic, these dogs who have never had a home get medical care, food, and soft beds to sleep in at night. They are spayed, and the dogs who need wheels get them, too.

They have the love of dedicated people (not to mention a giant pack to play together).

Pejic runs a shelter located in old stables. His work and small staff are supported by The Harmony Fund of America.

“They are loved here,” said Laura Simpson, founder of the Foundation. “Many are adopted into good homes, others will spend their remaining days at the sanctuary.”

This shelter and the 450 dogs that live there exist primarily on donations.

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