The man protected the wolves from the hunter, and later the pack leader returned to him with a gift

This story was told by an acquaintance of mine, Grigory, who liked to go mushrooming in the woods.

Grigory worked as a veterinarian. He moved to a village near the taiga because of his work. According to the man, he never welcomed hunting, especially if a man takes a gun not to get his own food, but to have fun.

Grigory did not hesitate when he saw a man who had raised his gun and was aiming at the pack of the leader, a she-wolf and three wolf cubs. It was clear that the wolves did not even see the hunter, much less threaten him. Without hesitation Grigory stood in the line of fire and demanded that the hunter leave.

When the man with the gun left and the vet looked in the direction of the predators, he saw that the leader of the pack approached him and brought a stick in his teeth. The wolf looked at the man with gratitude and placed the stick at his feet, then walked away into the thicket, taking his family with him.

The man took the stick back and hung it in his home in a place of honor, a reminder that wild animals can have a more developed sense of gratitude than humans.

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