The mother took her son to the nursery so that he could choose his own pet. The woman was very pleased with her son’s choice

Elizabeth and her son Easton live in Garnd Falls Windsor, Canada. The family decided to get a pet and went to a shelter to do so.

Elizabeth decided that her son should choose his own pet, because they needed to find a common language and become friends. Therefore, at the shelter she gave the child the freedom to choose.

Once at the shelter, they saw a huge number of animals of different sizes, breeds, and colors.

Elizabeth remained standing to the side, and Easton went to look at the animals.

The boy went almost immediately to the cage with a big red cat named Tiny. The cat was ten years old, his owner could no longer take care of him, so he brought him to the shelter.

The boy and the cat became good friends from the beginning. Tiny is quickly getting used to his new home. Every morning he walks Easton to school and then often runs to the window, looking out for his owner.

Elizabeth says the moment Tiny had his nose poked into her son at the shelter, she knew it was the cat they were going to take home.

Tiny turned out to be a polite and well-mannered cat who immediately fell in love with his new owners. Elizabeth has no regrets that her son decided to give a home to a grown-up pet, having chosen a friend according to his heart.

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