The owners left their dog for a while with friends, but never returned for him

A couple of months ago, the owners left their 14-year-old dog with a friend for a while, but they never took him away. Friends, after waiting for some time, handed over the animal to the shelter.

Considering that the age of the dog is already quite solid, he cannot live at the same fast pace as his young relatives. Besides, he is already almost completely deaf.

It is not surprising that it was very difficult for an animal to live in a shelter. The volunteers found a family for him, who agreed to take him on temporary overexposure. But still, I really want this dog to have at least some stability at this age!

The dog loves life very much and welcomes every new day with pleasure! Most of all, he likes to sleep and cuddle with people. Now volunteers are looking for a permanent owner for him, who will understand his peculiarities. They are sure that one day the dog will become the best pet for some loving family! Let him get lucky sooner!

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