The parents manage to film the magic moment when their husky plays with the twins

The dog is notoriously man’s best friend, and indeed, it is a pet that has proven to be such many times, in many situations. But between dogs and children, an even stronger bond is often created: if you were lucky enough to grow up with a four-legged friend, you know very well what it means to share your childhood with such a special being. It is true that parents have their own concerns at first, when the birth of a child can cause changes in an already stable family situation where there is the presence of a somewhat smug dog. Fortunately, this was not the case for Juno, an adorable Siberian husky who immediately accepted the new presence of twins Hailey and Kaylee.

Huskies are considered dogs with a strong character, but very suitable for family life. In the video that the parents of these twins managed to make, we can see all the kindness of a dog that does not want to stop playing with little Hailey and Kaylee.

Huskys are loyal, affectionate and, above all, group-living dogs. This means that if bred in captivity, they love constant human presence, but it would be best to introduce “newcomers” – for example, twins – at a young age, to ensure that the dog welcomes them as an integral part of its family. At that point, a husky will never abandon you in life and will always be ready to protect you.

In the very entertaining video that the parents of the twins have posted on Youtube, we see how the three have fun together. Juno, the dog, is totally willing to let himself be petted and to listen to the girls’ cries. The twins, on the other hand, are excited about their four-legged friend and can’t contain their cries of joy at every movement or tail wagging.

You just have to see for yourself how Juno can entertain these two twins, while at the same time being sweet, kind and caring. For sure, these two little girls will always have a friend they can count on!

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