The wolf was standing up to his neck in icy water: but his wounds were much worse than frostbite

When the wolf was found, he was standing up to his neck in icy water and was in a state of shock. The wolf was frightened by the situation, but he was still afraid of people and tried to roar and grin his teeth at every approach. When they realized that the wolf would not let them approach, the rescuers shot him with a tranquilizer. Already falling asleep, the wolf tried to escape the humans by trying to swim away.

People ran along the river, trying not to lose sight of the animal as it was swept along by the current. When the animal lost consciousness, the current swept it to shore and volunteer Elise was able to grab the wolf. The current almost swept the animal away with its rescuer, but the rescuers quickly came to the rescue and soon both the girl and the wolf were on the shore.

As soon as the wolf was on dry land, the doctors got to him. The wolf was in cardiac arrest, so people gave him indirect massage until they felt a pulse again. The wolf was put on a mask with oxygen, and then taken to the rescue center.

In the clinic of the center, the animal was diagnosed with hypothermia, failure of the hind legs, scabies. Also, doctors found 35 pellets in the body of the animal.

The first few weeks were very hard, but then the wolf recovered. He was given the name Navarra. He soon gained strength and began growling at people and avoiding them, as he would do in the wild.

For a while, the vets continued to do dressings and procedures despite Navarro’s growling.

When treatment was finished, the animal was transferred to a reserve where conditions were created that were close to those in which the wolf grew up and lived before the incident.

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