They give him a cat to raise temporarily, he falls in love with it and finds his calling

He wasn’t a “cat lover,” as he says, but that was before he met Bambi. “I just fell in love with her,” Abdul says.

At the time, the female kitten was in a euthanasia shelter in North Carolina. A foster home had to be found quickly for the young cat. When Abdul was contacted about this, he immediately agreed despite his lack of experience.

Abdul only had to keep the cat for a while. In the end, he decided to adopt her himself. A real chemistry developed between him and Bambi.

When she looks at him with her big eyes, he feels like she’s saying:

“I’m here for you. I love you. It’s going to be okay.”

With Bambi’s arrival, the man realized that his calling was to take care of cats. Something he’s been doing consistently for two years now.

“Sometimes I take two or three at once. Because if they have siblings, I don’t want to separate them.”

He has already adopted five of the cats. He laughs, by the way, when he recalls that these kittens followed him around the house.

“It was crazy,” he says.

In total, Abdul has adopted 18 cats, all of whom have found new families. Every time one of them leaves, Abdul is both heartbroken and happy.

“There’s a part of me in them, and a part of them in me,” he says.

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