This baby screamed for two days in terror and cried for help

Mars was picked up by my husband near work.

The distance between the blind wall and the fence was about 10 cm. That’s where the stray cat’s kitten climbed in. The mother cat was torn between the screaming baby, trapped by terror, and the other babies.

In the end, the unhappy mother made a choice between the poor kitten and the rest of the babies – she left. And the baby spent two days screaming and crying for help. It was only three weeks old! It was a weekend, no one was on the property except for the guards, they said.

I have no idea how my 90 kg husband was able to get the baby.

The child did not sleep at home for two days, afraid. You touch him, and he rolls on his side, then he gets up, staggers on his unsteady legs, and his eyes close by themselves…

Now the kitten lives with us. Moreover, I adore him, even humanize him, BUT!… For Mars Dad is everything! It’s strange, because he shouldn’t remember anything, and only daddy’s (only!) key in the lock turns the cat’s real hysteria begins, and then cuddles, kisses and impossible happiness …

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