This pit bull was so tired of being alone that he approached the rescuers on his own.

For hundreds of years we weaned dogs from the idea that they could do without humans. For hundreds of years we gave them shelter and food, and they, as grateful creatures, protected us.

But today dogs are no longer useful to man. Armored doors and alarm systems are much better for guarding homes. All they can offer is their love and devotion. It seems that the demand for these benefits in modern society is not so great. After all, there are packs of stray, unwanted dogs walking the streets of cities.

The owners of this pit bull decided that they did not need such a “toy” anymore, after which the buddy ended up on the street. It would seem that he had every right to be angry at people, or at least to lose faith in them. But his heart was never able to harden. When he saw his rescuers, he approached them, and all that was read in his eyes was, “Take me away.”

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