Tiny baby goat makes the sweetest noises whenever asks for cuddles

This is a delightful moment when a baby goat asks for affection. Despite the fact that she is only ten days old, this cute little girl makes her voice heard. Demanding a hug from its savior, the tiny animal makes the sweetest sound you’ve ever heard.

Video footage shows the baby goat spending time with Dan McKinnon – co-founder and executive director of the sanctuary. As it turns out, the baby goat and her two other siblings arrived at the Barn Sanctuary after their farmer gave up on them. Thankfully, they are in good hands now!

Barn Sanctuary is a rescue organization based in Michigan that rescues and rehabilitates farm animals.

Through their hard work, they have saved over 100 animals that now live on their barn land. They have a variety of animals at their farm, including ducks, cows, and goats!

“The farmer says the newborn “isn’t going to make it” because she can’t seem to walk or stand yet. The farmer thinks she won’t survive, but we’re not going to give up on her. Dan is taking her to MSU hospital now. We’re going to try to give this baby girl a chance to live!.”

You can watch the adorable scene below!

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