When the cat discovered that the dog was not well, it quickly began to care for it

Eliza never liked cats, preferring dogs. But, oddly enough, it was the purr who first came to her house! The white and black cat that appeared in the house turned out to be sociable and loving. And as it turned out, it loves dogs.

That’s why, when a puppy emerged in the house, the cat was overjoyed!

They became friends from the first meeting. When the puppy lay down on the sofa or carpet, the cat began to lick the dog’s face. When the dog grew up, it turned out to be a perfectly healthy companion.

But then something unusual started to happen to it. It began having occasional spasms.

Of course, the dog was transported to the vet, who prescribed medication.

Meanwhile, the cat knew something was not right with its four-legged companion.

It approached the dog and began to lick its paw as if soothing it. Then the cat started licking the dog’s face.

The cat wanted to demonstrate that it is rooting for its pal and realizes how bad things are for it. Fortunately, over time, the attacks ceased, and the dog is in good spirits!

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