When the driver saw the kitten, he stopped the passenger train in an emergency

The Dutch driver was driving the train, and he noticed something on the tracks ahead of the train. The object was moving, so it was definitely not garbage. Deciding to trust his intuition, the driver decided to make an emergency stop.

When the man got out of the cabin, he realized that his hunch was right, because there was a kitten in front of him. The little one was injured. It must have fallen under the wheels of the train that was coming earlier. The injuries robbed the cat of its strength and it would not have survived without help.

The man could not leave the animal on the rails, but he could not stop the train for long, either. Having taken the baby, the railwayman handed him over to employees at a nearby station, after which the victim was immediately sent to a veterinarian.

Fortunately, the wounds were not too severe, and the kitten got to the doctor in time. Part of the tail and a paw had to be removed because of the injuries. After the doctor’s help, the railwaymen took the kitten and took care of him until he recovered. When the kitten recovered, they found him a new home. The train driver made a tough decision, but by breaking the schedule he saved the kitten’s life and helped it find happiness in its new family.

Such stories are not unique. A subway driver in New York City did the same thing. The train was on its way to the depot when the driver noticed a package on his track. Since the bag was moving, the man thought there was someone in it. As he got out of the cab, the man saw a cat with a bag on its head. The subway worker rescued the cat from the trap and took it to a place where its life was not threatened.

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