When the emaciated kitten was found on the street, it weighed only 100 grams

The first thing people noticed was the kitten’s large eyes, for he was so thin that they stood out in the first place. The kitten was frail, dirty and completely emaciated, weighing only 100 grams and already on the verge of life and death.

A lonely and defenseless kitten was found in the small American town of Dothan. At the time, the baby weighed only 100 grams at the age of three weeks. The baby needed urgent help. People took him to an animal shelter where he was taken care of.

Volunteer Betty decided to take the kitten into her care, so he would get better sooner. The baby was named Guinness. The first time fluffy wouldn’t even eat from a syringe. Betty had to just drop milk into his mouth. Every hour she fed the kitten and constantly monitored his condition.

The volunteer did everything in her power to make the kitten regain her health. The girl’s efforts were not in vain and soon the baby’s eyes opened, he began to eat more and was more active. He constantly asked Betty to pet him, meowing softly.

When Guinness was a month old, he still weighed half the required weight, but he pleased everyone by the fact that he managed to survive despite such exhaustion. The kitten began to crawl a lot, exploring every corner of the house.

The baby really liked to play and receive affection from the household. Betty stopped worrying about the blue-eyed wonder, because the kitten became active, cheerful and quickly gained weight.

The pet became very fond of all of Betty’s family and spent a lot of time in the arms of his guardian. The family also adored Guinness, so they decided that he would stay with them permanently.

A year has passed since then, and Guinness is still enjoying life and being Betty’s pet. He has grown into a gorgeous cat who is very lucky in life.

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