There was a dog tied to a fence near the subway
Two years ago this dog was found tied up near a subway station. The dog was well groomed. It was tied up with a leash, which means it
The old dog was abandoned in the street. Next to it was a letter
When the man noticed the dog, it looked very sad. Next to the animal was a letter, the reading of which finally spoiled the man’s mood. The note
Caveman of the 21st century: he turned a cave into the cozy home of his dreams!
Angelo Mastropietro has been dubbed the «caveman» by journalists. The man realized his long-time dream and escaped from civilization, settling in a cave, which is estimated to be
The story of the fat dog who was barely saved from euthanasia
All dog owners love their pets, but not everyone knows how to do it right. And only a few are able to cope with difficulties. Most, like the
Police found a child missing in the woods based on the footprints of a dog that did not leave his side
Imagine the despair of parents who wake up and find their two-year-old son not at home. That’s exactly what happened to spouses Michia Perez and Dominic Peake, parents
The twin brothers married the twin sisters. They already had children
A little over twenty years ago, twin brothers from Ohio, Mark and Craig Sanders met twin sisters Darlene and Diane Nettemeyer. At first sight, they knew it was
Madonna came to a boxing match with her son David Banda: many thought he was her boyfriend
Madonna changes her young boyfriends like gloves, so many did not even realize that her 16-year-old son David Banda was in front of them. They came together to
A woman was carrying a malnourished kitten, and her little sister was running after her, also hoping for help.
One day Anna and her husband were planting on their property and heard a loud squeak. They found a tiny kitten in the bushes, meowing wildly to be
A snow-white pregnant cat asked people for help, but everyone passed by
We already know all the cats in the area, they are spayed and looked after. That’s why the appearance of a new cat was a surprise to us.
Onagadori: Japanese chicken breed with majestically long tail feathers
Onagadori («noble chicken» in Japanese) is a rare breed of chicken known for its extremely long tail, which can be up to 10 meters long, putting even peacocks