“18 Years of Love” Robert Downey Jr. recreated a wedding photo with his wife

The “Iron Man” star found personal happiness on his second attempt. His meeting with film producer Susan Levine completely transformed his life. The actor succeeded in freeing himself from his addictions. Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Levine married in 2005, after a two-year relationship.

Today, they are raising two children together: a son and a daughter. The couple is happy and their marriage grows stronger with each passing year. And now the couple have celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary. The actor shared a rare photo of their wedding day. Young Susan and Robert look as happy and in love as ever.

The couple decided to reproduce the photo 18 years later. Fans were delighted by this romantic gesture. The years have in no way altered the couple’s feelings.

“18 years, and love never stops blossoming,” the actor wrote in the caption.

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