88-year-old Sophia Loren can barely walk.

The legend of world cinema and one of the most beautiful women of the 70s came to the opening of the restaurant.

Sophia Loren is rightly considered a style icon. It was her waist that was admired by the world’s directors, and actors offered to marry. The actress starred as far back as the early 2000s, although at that time she was almost 70 years old.

Legendary Sophia Loren rarely appears in public lately. The diva of Italian cinema leads a closed lifestyle and does not spoil fans with her outings. However, Loren could not miss the opening of her heir’s restaurant.

The 88-year-old artist went out in public in a white pantsuit, completing the image with massive jewelry. Fans noticed that Sophia Loren could barely move her legs. The diva was led out to the fans under her arms. “It’s time for Sophie to retire,” “Why are they carrying her around? It’s time for the woman to take a well-deserved rest.”

People present in the restaurant noted that the 88-year-old movie legend has not lost her charm, for which she is so loved by everyone. But her beauty is fading fast. The fitted jacket and classic pants were just right: Lauren still works out with a trainer and keeps herself in shape.

Experts say that Sophia Loren has an innate sense of style. She, like no one else, feels fashion and sets trends. Now she prefers more classic style in clothes, but still famous designers are fighting for the actress to go out in their outfits.

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