A bald man with a beer belly. The handsome “Titanic” actor is no longer recognizable

It’s hard to believe that 25 years have passed since the release of the famous film “Titanic”. There are few people who haven’t seen the film or heard the famous song sung by Céline Dion, which has become something of a symbol of romance and love.

Of course, after 25 years, the film’s lead actors have changed a lot. In fact, many in the audience sympathized not only with the romantic poor artist played by Leonardo DiCaprio, but also with Rose’s wealthy fiancé, played by Billy Zane. After the film’s resounding success, many experts predicted that Zane would have a brilliant career in Hollywood, but unfortunately he failed to maintain his popularity and success at the same level.

Not long ago, the paparazzi caught Zane on vacation, after which his photos circulated on the Internet. It’s hard to recognize this bald, overweight man as the handsome mercenary from the film. By the way, the actor has been married for many years and doesn’t particularly regret losing his physical shape and appeal to millions of fans.

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