A copy of her grandfather: what Alain Delon’s granddaughter, whom he didn’t recognize for 11 years, looks like

Alain Delon led a rather tumultuous personal life, resulting in four children, only one of whom was born of a legal marriage: Anthony Delon, whose mother was Nathalie Barthelemy. However, Alain and Nathalie’s marriage only lasted four years, after which the actor once again indulged in his favorite pastime: flirting with beauties.

Frivolity seems to have been passed on to Anthony by his father. When his girlfriend Marie-Hélène, a cabaret dancer at the Crazy Horse in Paris, became pregnant, he was not ready to assume the role of head of the family and ran away from his beloved. The baby was born on September 4, 1986, and grew up without a father.

The famous grandfather knew about his granddaughter’s birth, but didn’t want to communicate with her either. They didn’t meet until the girl was already 11 years old. The meeting was very touching, as Delon was struck by the outward resemblance — it seemed that Alison was simply his female copy. The girl confessed that she thought of her grandfather every morning when she looked in the mirror.

From an early age, she was fascinated by the cinema and dreamed of becoming an actress. At the age of 14, she made her first film appearance. Although her famous grandfather didn’t help her, he encouraged her in every possible way to pursue her dream. But Alison didn’t want to be a protégé.

Delon’s granddaughter decided to enter the Paris drama school, whose tuition wasn’t cheap. To find money for her studies, she worked as a waitress in an Italian restaurant. After graduating, she left for America, convinced that she couldn’t build a successful acting career there. But in America, Alison unexpectedly developed a modeling career. This spectacular young woman was invited to model for fashion brands. One of her first notable works was a photo shoot for Intimissimi in 2010. She went on to collaborate with fashion magazines such as Vanity Fair, Elle and GQ. This blue-eyed brunette never went unnoticed, as her face inevitably recalled that of her famous grandfather Alain Delon, one of the leading sex symbols of the 20th century.

But she didn’t give up on her dream and continued to persist with her castings. Little by little, her filmography grew. As far as her personal life is concerned, Alison is incredibly secretive.

Apparently, she’s fed up with her famous parents’ exposure of all their love affairs out in the open.

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