Anna Nicole Smith: The story of the scandalous Cinderella from Playboy, which ended at age 39

Anna Nicole Smith was one of the brightest stars of the 1990s, associated by the public with Playboy magazine and all that went with it. She was a cheap stripper, a sex symbol, a scandalous billionaire heiress, a reality star, a mother of two and an unimaginably fat former model.

Several feature films have been made about Anna Nicole Smith. And all because the story of this woman’s life and death is more like a fiction than a real human fate.

Initially, Anna Nicole Smith had little luck – she was born into a poor family, in addition her parents divorced and the girl was sent to live with an aunt. At 16, she got pregnant, married and had a son. Her husband turned out to be worthless and they soon separated.

Her good looks led her to a strip club and in 1991 she was noticed by an elderly billionaire. Anna Nicole Smith justified her affair with a rich old man by saying:

“Nobody ever respected me or did anything for me or loved me. So when Howard came along, it was a blessing. He was the only person in my life who cared about me. He genuinely loved me and I loved him for that.”

Relationship with a billionaire allowed Anna Nicole Smith to get out of the strip club and become a star of “Playboy” magazine in 1992. Two years later she appeared as a guest star in the comedy “Hudsucker’s Helper” and “The Naked Gun” in 1994. In the same 1994 Anna Nicole Smith and 89-year-old Howard Marshall had their wedding. The celebration was a sensation and rocked the world.

A year later, the old man passed away, and Anna Nicole Smith was the heiress to nearly $ 500 million (though the money for many years “hangs” due to endless legal proceedings with the son of her ex-husband). This further increased her popularity.

Anna Nicole Smith went on to star in movies and work as a model. In 2002-2004, she was the star of her own reality show, but already had a very different appearance from her former one. The woman gained a lot of weight, which the press declared “sabotage” of the modeling essence. And she herself talked about depression…

In 2006, Anna Nicole Smith was again slim and married again. She gave birth to her second child, a daughter. Her 20-year-old son, with whom she had always had a very close and warm relationship, came to visit his mother. The son died right in her room during the visit due to an overdose of medical drugs.

Six months later, Anna Nicole Smith also died of a drug overdose. She was 39 years old.

The hype surrounding the life and death of a woman did not cease for many years. There was a scandal about the paternity of her daughter and only heiress. The husband had to sue the ex-fiancé of Anna Nicole Smith, who eventually managed to prove his paternity. And there was a very long litigation over the payment of the inheritance from the long-deceased billionaire.

If you’re interested in delving into the life story of Anna Nicole Smith, you can easily find one of several movies called “Anna Nicole” that tell the story of her dizzying success and rapid collapse.

Anna Nicole Smith often said that she wanted to be the new Marilyn Monroe. She almost succeeded; she, too, shone brightly and died early. She said:

“People like to think I’m a terrible person. But I’m not, I just do what I do best. I grew up in poverty. I had no money. I was abused. There were a lot of things that happened to me that I can’t even articulate. And how I managed to get money and fame is the story of a Cinderella, not a villain. Believe it if you want, or not.”

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