Celebrities who took animals home with them after filming ended

Each of us watches some kind of soap operas and movies. Often there are various animals playing together with the human actors.

Few people think about where these animals go afterwards. Many of them, of course, have owners, but there are also those that are taken from various shelters for filming.

In this short article we will tell you about some celebrities, who during the filming got so used to the animals that they just can’t part with them anymore, so they are happy to take them to their homes.

Will Smith and Abby

Will starred with this dog in the popular sci-fi movie I Am Legend. There she played the role of Sam’s faithful dog. But in reality it is a girl. During the long time that Smith and Abby spent together they became very attached to each other. So Will Smith has expressed a desire to keep his beloved partner on the set. But, despite the actor’s long entreaties, the owner of the dog refused to give the pet away.

Chris Evans and the dog Dodger

Chris Evans is a well-known dog lover. During the filming of a movie called Gifted, one of the scenes was filmed in a shelter with dogs. There the actor saw a very cute puppy, which he soon took to himself. The new pet was given the nickname Dodger.

Ed O’Neil and Bridget the Bulldog

Initially, this little dog had a rather complicated and dangerous life. She was found right on the street and sheltered, and then thrown away again. Bridget was found and picked up by volunteers. Soon it turned out that she was very suitable for the role in the movie, which starred O’Neil. The actor became very attached to the dog and was never separated from her again.

Tom Hardy and the dog Moose

Tom and Moose the dog starred together in the movie The Commons. Hardy, according to the script of the film, had to rescue an injured puppy. After the filming was over, Moose went with Tom to his house as a real friend.

Sophie Turner and Zunny the dog

Zunny the dog played a direwolf in the popular TV series Game of Thrones. When the animal’s work ended, she became homeless. Actress Sophie Turner, who played the young Sansa Stark, had long wanted a pet, so she immediately took the dog to her home.

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