Charlie Chaplin had 11 children with 3 different women. Some of his children also became actors.

It is worth noting that some of Charlie Chaplin’s children followed in his footsteps and became actors. Regrettably, his first child from his first wife passed away a few days after birth. Nevertheless, he later had 10 more children with three additional wives, which is a testament to his resilience and commitment to family.

Charlie Chaplin is widely celebrated among his fans as a talented comic actor and filmmaker, renowned for his hilarious miming antics in black-and-white silent films. However, it is worth noting that he had an intriguing personal life,

having fathered eleven children with different women. Interestingly, some of Charlie’s children also pursued careers in the entertainment industry, following in their father’s famous footsteps.

Charlie Chaplin’s 1st Child: Norman Spencer Chaplin
Charlie’s first wife was film and stage actress Mildred Harris. The woman, who got into acting at age nine, became his secret bride at age 15. On July 7, 1919, Mildred gave birth to Norman at 6:00 a.m., but Charlie didn’t come to the hospital.

The birth certificate revealed that the child was born in France with the original name, Charlie Spencer Chaplin Jr., which his father objected to. Sadly, the little boy only died within two to three days after being born with his “stomach upside down.”

Although Charlie never wanted Norman, he grieved for the boy, but soon enough, he and his wife were clashing. He didn’t attend the child’s wake to avoid his wife’s religious friends, whom he disliked. Having refused the child’s given name, the death certificate named him Norman.

Mildred and her husband drifted apart after their child’s death, and she divorced him in 1920, claiming he was cruel. In 1944, Charlie’s first wife became sick for three weeks, had major surgery, and then died from pneumonia at age 41 in Los Angeles.

Charlie Chaplin, his second wife, Lita Grey, and their baby son, Charles Jr., photographed on board the SS City of Los Angeles in November 1926

Charlie Chaplin’s 2nd Son: Charles Spencer Chaplin III (Charles Chaplin Jr.)
At 12, Lita Grey started working for Charlie, landing parts in some of his films at his Hollywood studio. At age 15, she met him again, and and found herself pregnant with his child by 16. On November 26, 1924, they tied the knot. He was 35 and she was 16.

Charlie Chaplin signs up his second wife Lita Grey as an actress at his studio, circa 1924

In Lita’s 1966 memoir, “My Life with Chaplin,” she dedicated her book to their two sons, Charles Chaplin Jr. and Sydney Earl Chaplin. Sadly, three years into their marriage, they went through a bitter divorce, dissolving their marriage in August 1927.

Charles Jr., born on May 5, 1925, became an actor like his parents and starred in 1954’s “Fangs of the Wild,” 1955’s “Matinee Theatre,” and 1959’s “The Beat Generation.” On March 20, 1968, at age 43, he died in Los Angeles, due to an alcohol-related illness. His mother passed on from cancer years later, on December 29, 1995, in Los Angeles.

Charlie Chaplin’s 3rd Son: Sydney Earl Chaplin
Sydney was Charles Jr.’s younger brother, born a year after him. He avoided their father’s profession until a friend asked him to try acting after being discharged from the US Army. Sydney realized he liked it and became the co-founder of California’s Circle Theatre in 1946.

His father even directed him in some productions and was so impressed by his prowess that he gave Sydney his first film role as the composer in 1952’s “Limelight.” He later appeared in many more movies and eventually opened a restaurant called Chaplin’s in Palm Springs.

Charlie Chaplin arrives in Cherbourg, France, on the deck of the liner Queen Elizabeth, with his wife, Oona, and children on September 22, 1952

The company ran for ten years before Charlie’s son died of a stroke at age 82 on March 30, 2009, in Rancho Mirage, California. He was survived by Margaret Beebe, his third wife, and Stephan, his child from his first marriage.

Charlie Chaplin’s 1st Daughter & 4th Child: Geraldine Chaplin
Oona O’Neill Chaplin was 18, a college graduate, and an upcoming actress when she married Charlie, then 54. They met through a Hollywood agent who recommended her for a part in the star’s movie. Her father, Eugene O’Neill, was furious when he discovered they’d eloped and ended up disinheriting her. Eugene and Charlie were the same age.

Oona became the actor’s fourth wife and remained gracious and quiet by her husband’s side. In 1952, Charlie and his family went into exile by choice, with him being critical of the US’s handling of the Cold War. Two years later, his wife renounced her American citizenship and became a UK subject like her husband.

When speaking to her friends or during interviews, she revealed how content she was to remain a mother and wife. She also said she never noticed the age difference between her and her husband. In 1960, Oona, who had eight children with Charlie, stated:

“He is my world. I’ve never seen or lived anything else.”

Their daughter, Geraldine Chaplin, was born in Santa Monica, California on July 31, 1944. She attended London’s Royal Ballet Academy, and while dancing in Paris, David Lean discovered her. The discovery led to Geraldine starring in 1965’s “Doctor Zhivago.”

Her IMDb account said she married Patricio Castilla and has two children, Shane Suara and Oona Chaplin. On September 27, 1991, her mother died of cancer of the pancreas at age 66 in Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland. Here’s the list of Oona’s other children.

Charlie Chaplin’s 5th Child: Michael Chaplin
On March 7, 1946, Oona and Charlie welcomed their second child, Michael Chaplin. He grew up in Switzerland when his family relocated there but left for London at age 16, seeking adventure. Charlie’s son tried screenwriting and acting with credits for 1957’s “A King in New York,” 1966’s “The Sandwich Man,” and 1988’s “Act of Betrayal.”

He now lives in Southwest France, where he farms and was inspired to write “A Fallen God.” His ex-wife is Patrice, and together, they share Carmen and Dolores.

Charlie Chaplin’s 6th Child: Josephine Chaplin
Josephine Chaplin joined the family on March 28, 1949, in Santa Monica. In 1956, she appeared in Life magazine after making her first dance appearance in a school play in Switzerland at age seven. She became an actress with roles in 1974’s “Les Quatre Charlots mousquetaires” and “Shadowman,” and 1975’s “The Man Without a Face.”

Charlie’s daughter was married twice and welcomed one child in each marriage. On July 13, 2023, she died in Paris, France, aged 74. Her younger sister was born a few years after her in 1951.

Charlie Chaplin’s 7th Child & 3rd Daughter: Victoria Chaplin
On May 19, 1951, Oona and Charlie welcomed Victoria in Santa Monica. Victoria also caught the acting bug and appeared in 1967’s “A Countess from Hong Kong,” 1989’s “Le Cirque Imaginaire,” and 2010’s “Mi Reino por un Caballo.” On January 2, 1970, she married Jean-Baptiste Thiérrée, and they had two children.

Eugene Chaplin at London Airport with three family members for a holiday in Ireland on July 5, 1960 | Source: Getty Images

Charlie Chaplin’s 8th Child: Eugene Chaplin
Eugene Chaplin was born on August 23, 1953. Not much is known about him, but his IMDb account mentioned that he has a daughter named Kiera. He has more children like his son, Spencer, who once hosted him as a guest on his “Chaplin Talks” podcast.

Charles Chaplin gets some help from his wife, Oona, and their daughter, Jane, as he cuts his 80th birthday cake at his home in Vevey, Switzerland, on April 16, 1969

Charlie Chaplin’s 9th Child: Jane Cecil Chaplin
Jane Chaplin was born on May 23, 1957, and she’s an actress and producer. Some of the work she’s done includes 1975’s “Allons au cinéma,” 1990’s “The Rainbow Thief,” and 1992’s “Christopher Columbus: The Discovery.”

Jane was married to Ilya Salkind, with whom he shares Orson Chaplin Salkind (1987) and Osceola Byron Malachi Chaplin Salkind (1994). While little is known about Jane, there’s even less information about her younger sister, Annette.

Charlie Chaplin’s 10th Child: Annette Emily Chaplin
According to the book, “Tramp: The Life of Charlie Chaplin,” Annette Chaplin joined the family in December 1959. Nothing else is available about her life or what she’s doing today.

Rounding Off Charlie Chaplin’s 11 Children: Christopher James Chaplin
Charlie was 73 when he and Oona welcomed Christopher on July 8, 1962, in Lausanne, Switzerland. He’s a British avant-garde composer, experimental music artist, and actor with credits like 1989’s “Till We Meet Again,” 1991’s “Labyrinth,” and 2017’s “Je suis le ténébreux.”

Charlie Chaplin with his wife Oona, son Christopher, and daughters Geraldine, Josephine, and Annette at the Savoy Hotel in London, after receiving a KBE on March 1975 | Source: Getty Images

One of his latest albums is “Patriarchs Live,” and the sixth song in the album, “Jared” or “Jahred,” has an official video. Charlie’s son has a Facebook account where he updates his 2.1K followers about his career.

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