Close friends of Elizabeth Taylor said that her beauty was a genetic mutation

The beautiful Elizabeth Taylor became a global star back in the days when people were not used to using the services of plastic surgeons. Back then, actors did not enlarge their lips or insert implants, but simply emphasized their natural beauty.

Few people know, but Elizabeth became the very first star who received a fee for the role of 1 000 000 dollars. It was in this amount estimated the role of Cleopatra, which many people remember to this day. And the image of the actress is still associated with her.

For the most part, the star became legendary precisely because of her then-standard appearance. She was so original and beautiful that Elizabeth was asked to wash off her makeup even when she was not wearing makeup at all. This happened at the audition for “Lassie’s Return”.

It soon turned out that a developmental anomaly called distichiasis was to blame. It turns out that Elizabeth Taylor had an extra row of eyelashes, thanks to which her eyes always looked more expressive and mysterious.

Many people today are still interested in the true color of the actress’ eyes. This is one of the most popular queries in a variety of search engines. But it turned out that in fact Elizabeth had blue eyes with a violet tint.

And in those days you couldn’t just buy colored lenses, put them on and wear them all day long. Therefore, such anomalies should not be perceived as modifications of one’s own appearance. Especially we should take into account the fact that because of the mutation Elizabeth suffered from many diseases.

And even despite her relatively poor health, the actress always showed everyone incredible strength of spirit. She was resistant, strong and unyielding. Taylor always went to her goal and did not succumb to any weaknesses.

This actress is definitely worthy of respect, because she worked hard throughout her life. Elizabeth did not give up and even managed to turn her own genetic mutations into advantages, thanks to which she could be loved by the whole world!

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