Demi Moore moved in with Bruce Willis to help the actor’s wife care for the sick

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have a very unusual relationship. Once these two were husband and wife, but those days are long gone. Now Willis and Moore became friends, and friends are close and loyal. Nevertheless, journalists are constantly launching rumors in the press that Bruce and Demi had a falling out. But the latest gossip about the two was quite unexpected! The paparazzi assure that Demi Moore moved in with Bruce Willis to brighten his final years!

I think by now the whole world knows that Bruce Willis is terminally ill. He has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. Aphasia, that is, loss of speech due to lesions of the cerebral cortex, was only one of the symptoms of this disease. There is little hope for Bruce’s relatives. With all the advances of modern medicine, people with frontotemporal dementia live no longer than 7 years.

When Willis announced on March 30, 2022, why he was ending his career, the public was horrified. However, Bruce was actively filming right up to the last one on the set. And all this despite the fact that the actor could not memorize the text, the words of colleagues almost did not understand, and to hear the speech addressed to him, always wore a hearing aid.

After Willis ended his career, the once active actor has completely isolated himself from the public. Bruce has discarded the social life, but goes out into the world regularly, though not alone. With Willis now permanently staying relatives and friends. They walk a lot, do sports together, ride ATVs, and get together for family dinners.

Usually Bruce’s company now consists either of friends, or children, or young spouse Emma Heming. Previously, at all family events in the house of Willis dear and welcome guest was Demi Moore. But lately, according to journalists, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have changed the format of their relationship.

At first, however, paparazzi speculated that the former wife of “Die Hard” crossed the path of his current lover. For example, clever gossipmongers unearthed that Willis made significant changes to his will. Now most of Bruce’s accumulated funds will go to Emma and children from the actor’s second marriage.

But now journalists are talking about something completely different. At once in several American tabloids there is information about Demi Moore’s move to Bruce Willis. Rumor has it that the actor is getting worse every day. Therefore, they say, Moore moved to Willis, in order to help Emma take care for an infirm spouse.

“Demi came to the rescue, and she’s not leaving until the very end,” a source who wished to remain anonymous told paparazzi. But Willis’ second wife, Emma Heming, strongly denies this information!

“No one has moved anywhere. Stop spreading gossip. It’s insanely stupid. Please stop!” – Emma writes.

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