Has she failed to age with dignity? 83-year-old Michelle Mercier’s look disappoints fans

Michelle Mercier conquered the public with her rare beauty. The actress’ uncommon good looks
helped her land the role of Angélique in the film of the same name. After this role, Michelle became famous the world over. She won an army of fans. Men admired the actress and women tried to look like her.

However, fans were convinced that Michelle Mercier’s beauty was immutable. That the years would not rule the actress. After all, such unique beauty is a rarity. However, things turned out differently. Over the years, the actress has experienced numerous problems and illnesses. She decided to age naturally, without plastic surgery or beauty injections.

Not surprisingly, the years have left their mark on the actress. She has gained excess weight, and the signs of time, wrinkles, have appeared on her face and body.

However, it is now difficult to recognize the former beauty of Angélique in this older woman. Fans are disappointed that Mercier doesn’t try to fight the aging process.

“She could consult a beautician to remedy this”, “The extra kilos spoiling her”, “From beauty to monster”, “She’s lost all her charm and elegance”, they wrote on the network.

However, we note that the 83-year-old actress is currently is currently battling cancer.

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