He’s 83, she’s 29. Al Pacino can barely walk to the restaurant with his beloved

At the age of 83, Al Pacino, bent by the weight of time, went with his companion to a restaurant, hardly walking beside her. Hollywood movie projectors captured the elderly actor in the company of his young lover for the first time since the birth of their son.

Al and Noor chose a local establishment for their date. By the way, Pacino fans noticed that the man struggled to move his legs, but held on valiantly for the sake of the young beauty that is Noor. The young father even declined the help of a bodyguard, making it to the restaurant on his own.

“Explain to me, for God’s sake, what goes through men’s minds when they marry young women who could be their daughters.”

“Best actor”, “She could be his granddaughter”, “There’s nothing wrong with that girl’s head”,

“How do you qualify such an anomaly?”

“He’s 50 years older. Can we still talk about normality?” Internet users wrote in the

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