How Michael Jackson changed the world

Michael Jackson is the winner of 15 Grammy awards, his records have sold billions of copies and brought him worldwide fame. But his true impact on popular music culture cannot be measured in print runs and awards.

He was not only a singer, but also a songwriter, dancer, screenwriter and actor. Most importantly, Michael Jackson changed the world of music.

Fought racism

Michael Jackson ushered in a new era for black performers. In 1982 he released a music video for the song Billie Jean. That was the first time an African-American artist’s video was widely broadcast on MTV.

This opened the door for many other musicians. Today, performers Kanye West, The Weeknd, Usher and many others say that Jackson’s work has greatly influenced them.

Revolutionized the world of video clips

The Thriller video changed the perception of what a music video can be. Jackson showed that this format is a great opportunity for experimentation, creativity, and self-expression as a musician.

The 14-minute video, where Jackson dances as a werewolf in the company of zombies, was one of the most important moments in the history of music television. The video was budgeted at $500,000.

Invented the “moonwalk”

Jackson popularized difficult to perform dance techniques, among them the famous “robot” and, of course, the “moonwalk”. Michael glided across the stage so easily that it seemed as if the artist was using hidden special effects.

His choreography was even the subject of research by scientists, who eventually came to the conclusion that the secret – in special shoes, a strong press of the artist, and of course, many hours of practice.

Created legendary shows.

Michael Jackson made history not only with his music videos, but also with his live performances on stage. At concerts he drove his fans to hysterics, some of them fainting during his performances.

Michael Jackson was one of the first pop musicians to undertake a major world tour. In 1992 ‘The Dangerous World Tour’ lasted five months, during which Jackson gave 69 concerts.

Shortly before his death, he was planning to embark on a new tour and give 50 concerts. It is said that the singer could have made $50 million in the first 10.

Unfortunately, this tour didn’t happen, the legendary singer passed away suddenly.

Remains irreplaceable.

Michael Jackson is not with us, but in all that time no musician of the same caliber has appeared in his role.

Whoever has been called the successor of Jackson’s cause. There is the Canadian Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, who redefines the sound of modern R’n’B. There’s Bruno Mars with his love of disco funk, and many others.

But none of Jackson’s numerous imitators and followers has yet been able to achieve the same influence and earn the same degree of unofficial, but no less honorable title of the king of world pop music.

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