Kevin Costner says Whitney Houston was his “one true love” and thinks he let her down

At the beginning of his acting career, the charming Kevin Costner landed only small roles, but as he always knew that acting was his calling, he never stopped pursuing his dream. After his first major success in the 1985 film “Silverado,” critic Joe Leydon wrote in a review for The Moving Picture Show magazine: “Costner, a newcomer, displays a captivating performance that should set him on the path to greater and better achievements.” Well, he was right, as soon Costner’s name became known not only in the USA but worldwide, and today he remains one of the most successful actors in Hollywood.

While he was finally finding his place in the world of cinema, another rising star was making waves in the world of music. In January 1985, the talented singer Whitney Houston released her self-titled debut album. It was a major success, with three songs reaching number one. “Saving All My Love for You,” “How Will I Know,” and “Greatest Love of All” held the number 1 position on the Billboard Top 200 for 14 weeks in 1986.

The album is one of the best-selling debut albums of all time. The collaboration between these two stars resulted in one of the greatest movies in the history of cinema, “The Bodyguard” in 1992. “I didn’t realize that in ‘The Bodyguard,’ when I wanted Whitney to play the part, it was such a bold move,” Costner told US Magazine. “It didn’t seem bold to me at all. I just thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life.” Many were surprised by the choice of an African-American woman as the romantic partner for Costner’s character Frank Farmer, but he responded by saying, “She just seemed like the best person. It didn’t seem like she was trying to overcome any obstacles. I couldn’t imagine anybody not wanting to kiss her.”

Once the film saw the light of day, people went crazy for it.

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