Madonna came to a boxing match with her son David Banda: many thought he was her boyfriend

Madonna changes her young boyfriends like gloves, so many did not even realize that her 16-year-old son David Banda was in front of them. They came together to a boxing match, and he was wearing a dress from famous brands, just like her. By the way, only after the analysis, the experts found out that the teenager had repeated the image of his mom from 30 years ago.

The young man accompanied his star mom to the boxing championship. They chose paired outfits in a sporty style to go out.

Madonna wore a black oversize suit from Adidas, complete with massive jewelry, black gloves and sunglasses. David chose a gorgeous bright red tight sports-cut dress of the same brand.

The young man confidently showed off his athletic legs and pumped up chest, which were visible in the slits and necklines of his outfit.

It is worth noting that Madonna’s son does not suffer from gender prejudice and with great pleasure puts on women’s outfits, in which he feels very free and uninhibited.

David started wearing women’s dresses a year ago. At the same time the artist herself has always emphasized that she gives her children the right to choose their own sex.

Madonna has two biological children – daughter Lourdes Leon and son Rocco, as well as four adopted children. They are nine-year-old twin girls Esther and Stella, 16-year-old David Banda and 14-year-old daughter Mercy.

Many people reacted sharply to this image of Madonna’s son. Someone wrote that what a strange mother, so is the family. Some commentators called such an appearance a circus in the city. And someone at all considered Madonna and Banda clowns.

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