Naomi Campbell became a mother for the second time. She gave birth to a son

“It’s never too late to be a mum,” Naomi Campbell wrote on social media.

She’s 53 and knows exactly what she’s talking about.

On 29 June, the Black Panther announced the birth of her second child, a son. The boy was born with the help of a surrogate – just like his sister in May 2021.

In the photo shared by the supermodel, she is pictured with her two children. The 2-year-old daughter, whose name the public still doesn’t know, is holding her newborn brother by his tiny hand. The baby is dressed all in white – just like his mother. For this shoot, the star invited professional stylist Rodney Burns. The touching moment was captured by photographer Mathieu Bitton.

Naomi Campbell is twice a mom! Could she have imagined this herself just a couple of years ago. We’re sure she didn’t.

I wonder who will be the boy’s godfather? The girl’s godfather is Lenny Kravitz.

As for the baby’s natural father (or fathers), this is a mystery. Naomi could have used biological material from someone she knew, but most likely she used a sperm donor. There were once persistent rumours that it was a certain New York billionaire, but these were never confirmed.

Naomi is not going to answer the question “Who is the father? And we, knowing the model’s explosive nature, wouldn’t risk asking it if we had the chance. But sometimes Campbell is willing to talk about her daughter.

“I’m lucky that baby girl loves to travel as much as I do. No whimpering on takeoff or landing. She’s a good girl: she sleeps great, rarely cries, very developed for her age. She laughs a lot,” Naomi proudly shared in an interview.

Well, now there will be twice as much happiness in her life. We have no doubt that very soon the baby will appear with his mother on a glossy magazine cover (his sister already has one – and in Vogue!), and we will be waiting for his photo and wondering: does Naomi Campbell’s heart have room for a man? Or is she only ready to give her love to children?

The novel with Vladislav Doronin was the loudest in the biography of the Black Panther. They met for five years and parted scandalously. After him, billionaire Hassan Jamil and multimillionaire Louis Cary Camilleri gave Naomi diamonds and houses. The last celebrity man in Campbell’s life was the lead singer of One Direction, Liam Payne, who was 23 years younger than her.

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