Nicole Kidman’s phone was tapped and spied on before she split from Tom Cruise and lost her second baby, book claims

‘Aquaman’ star Nicole Kidman was previously married to beloved Hollywood actor Tom Cruise.

As expected, everyone, including their fans and the public, wanted to know the intricacies of their romance. However, reflecting on her time with Cruise, the Australian-American actress confessed that the constant surveillance slowly took its toll on them.

Marriage of the actors

However, she clarified that they were deeply in love and felt secure with each other. While describing her side of the romance, Kidman admitted that she existed as Tom’s wife and not as herself.

“I felt I didn’t deserve to be there in my own right, so at all times I wasn’t there as Nicole, I was there as Tom’s wife,” she once recounted.

The Australian claimed that she relied solely on her ex-spouse, which made their relationship seem like a fairy tale to her and the outside world. She had married at the age of 23, starting her life quite early as a “naive and impulsive” young woman.

The “Eyes Wide Shut” star explained that they had been in a bubble and when it burst it was a challenge to face reality. She mentioned that it took her a while to heal, as it was a shock for her.

While the world saw the perfect union, in fact Kidman experienced “severe pain” almost as soon as she became a wife. At the age of 23, the star of “Big Little Lies” was ready to become a mother.

After her divorce, she said:

“From the moment Tom and I got married, I wanted babies.”

Unfortunately, the former couple lost their first child due to an ectopic pregnancy. But some publications had reported that the actress had suffered a miscarriage.

Years later, she clarified that she had not suffered a miscarriage during her first pregnancy. She emphasized that the news had been wrongly reported.

After their loss, the movie stars decided to try another alternative to create a happy family. So they adopted two children: a daughter, Isabella Jane, born in 1992, and a son, Connor Anthony, born in 1995.

The Church of Scientology distanced Kidman from Cruise and his children.

The actor, who has remained faithful to the beliefs of Scientology, adopted his children through his church: they were born to parents who could not afford to raise them.

But before Kidman had time to enjoy motherhood as she desperately craved, her marriage to Cruise became strained.

According to Mike Rinder, a former member of the Church of Scientology, their divorce was due in large part to the histrion’s devotion to the faith.

Rinder explained in a book he authored that while the couple was filming “Eyes Wide Shut” in 1997, Cruise was consumed with work and barely had time to talk to church leader David Miscavige.

This became frightening to Miscavige, who constantly communicated with the actor by phone. So he appointed Marty Rathbun to “audit” Cruise.

This involved guiding the actor through the events of his life to alleviate what they called negativity. It didn’t matter if it was a person or a job.

Ultimately, Miscavige wanted Tom to come back to faith. They noticed he was spending too much time with his wife while working.

For the Scientologist director Kidman was a threat to the actor’s ability to return to his original beliefs.

Although she was introduced to the church, she did not show the same devotion as her ex-husband. In addition, her father was a psychiatrist, and the founder of Scientology was a hater of psychologists and psychiatrists. And this aversion is maintained among the current leaders of the movement as well.

The actor was called in for a serious conversation. And to prove his loyalty to Scientology, Cruz offered to put his wife’s phone on a wiretap. The leaders of the movement accepted this idea with gusto, as they suspected that Nicole could talk to someone other than Scientologists about their organization and reveal their secrets. Unfortunately, the authors of the tape did not specify what the results of this wiretapping were.
However, one of the former members of the organization told the documentary filmmakers in an interview that, in his opinion, the Scientologists tried to influence Tom and Nicole’s children in some way, to “brainwash” them and turn them against their mother.

Unfortunately, Cruise served divorce papers on Kidman a few years after their 1997 film.

Tom and Nicole’s Divorce

At the time, the Australian-American star had just suffered her first and only miscarriage with her second pregnancy. Still, that didn’t stop the divorce. The actors officially became single in 2001.

“When Tom and Nicole divorced, Miscavige was happy that her ‘negative influence’ was no longer driving Tom away. Thereafter, Cruise became more fervent in his public support of Scientology and Miscavige,” Rinder said.

After the divorce, the couple’s children stayed with their father and remained members of the church. They were disconnected from their adoptive mother.

Kidman blames the church

In 2006, the actors’ daughter Bella gave an interview to actress Leah Rimini, who is a former member of the church. In it, the young woman admitted that her adoptive mother was treated as a suppressive person and that she had not had the opportunity to relate to her.

She was not invited to her daughter’s wedding in 2015, even though she was in the same city where Bella was getting married.

Sources also claimed that Connor will follow in his sister’s footsteps and will likely not invite his adoptive mother to his wedding to his fiancée, Silvia.

Kidman reportedly blamed the church for the detachment between her and her children. The actress also believed that the church was responsible for her divorce from Cruise.

But despite her convictions, she remains a loving mother, ready to welcome her children. In an interview, Nicole revealed, “They have made the decision to be Scientologists, it is our job as parents to always offer unconditional love.”

Currently, she is a biological mother and wife

After being in the shadows for about a decade as Tom Cruise’s wife, Kidman was lucky to have another chance at love. When she met award-winning country singer Keith Urban, she was mature and knew what she wanted in life.

The actress stated, “I met him later in life, and he’s been the best thing that ever happened to me.” She effusively added, “That man is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Nicole’s second chance at love was a truly perfect and happy union for her. The couple married in 2006 and started a family two years later, when their first daughter, Sunday, was born. In 2010, their youngest daughter, Faith, joined the family.

On more than one occasion, the “Aquaman” actress has said that she has been blessed with her husband, with whom she has shared sixteen years of her life, creating indelible memories.

Although she mentioned her desire for a larger family, Nicole is genuinely satisfied with what she has now.

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