“Now I’m handsome again.” The story of Mickey Rourke, whose botched plastic surgery cost him his entire career

Many actors who started their careers decades ago continue to star, while others got bored with fame and decided to take a different path. Mickey Rourke, one of the most beautiful actors of his time, took a wrong turn, and it cost him a lot. Fortunately, things are much better for Mickey now.

In the early 80’s, Rourke was called one of the most attractive actors in Hollywood. He participated in the filming of the movie “Diner” (1982), “Fighting Fish” (1983) and “Daddy Greenwich Village” (1984), where he literally shone. Thanks to his undeniable charm, Mickey stole the hearts of all women. However, his reputation as a heartbreaker did not last long.

Over the ensuing decade, Rourke spoke about the difficulties of fame and his disdain for the industry. In a 1992 interview, he confessed:

“You know you belong to the studio and the community. So over eight years you gradually lose yourself.”

In 1991, Rourke made a fateful decision. He felt the need to return to boxing, which was one of his first hobbies in life. Boxing became for him a kind of protection, a way to escape from the pressure of Hollywood.

A few years after entering the ring, Mickie faced huge setbacks that cost him his career. He suffered numerous injuries.
The man was even warned that irreversible brain damage awaited him if he continued to perform.
Fans could not help but notice the change in the actor’s appearance. In some scenes of the movie “Wild Orchid” swollen cheeks Rourke caused the audience to suspect that he was inserted implants. Rourke denied these claims, explaining the swelling with unexpected side effects of dental surgery, but fans still have questions.

In the 1990s, Rourke’s reputation changed. He went from a promising young talent to a tragic figure. And struggled to find work.

“About 10 years ago, my career was going in the right direction,” he said. “But then I stopped liking the business, and I didn’t like myself anymore.
I was slowly destroying myself from the inside out. I felt like I didn’t belong to myself anymore and felt some kind of guilt for succeeding in movies.”

In 2009, Rourke revealed that he had undergone botched facial surgery. He confessed:

“I basically had it done to correct the effects of going into the boxing ring, but I got a bad surgeon.”


After the success of the movie “The Wrestler” and a nomination for an Oscar, Mickey Rourke returned to the movie again. However, the difficulties did not end there.
He was disappointed with his role in the movie “Iron Man 2” and said that most of his work remained behind the scenes. For some other projects, the actor took on only for financial reasons.

Job offers became scarce. Rourke’s appearance made it difficult to find the right role for him. In 2017, he posted a photo on social media and captioned it “Now I’m handsome again.
One more to go,” alluding to his latest surgery.

Mickey Rourke’s journey from Hollywood heartthrob to a man filled only with regrets is a cautionary tale about the perils of fame and the consequences of making choices based on dissatisfaction with oneself. Despite the many challenges the actor faced, his story reminds us that it is never too late to get back on the right path.

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