Plastic surgeries of famous men

Pete Burns

Pete Burns was the lead singer of the British band Dead or Alive in the 1980s and 1990s. But in the 2000s, the musician’s epathetic appearance, which exploited the image of an androgynous personality, began to change significantly as a result of a series of plastic surgeries. Eventually, hundreds of procedures bankrupted the former star and underpinned health problems. Last year, 62-year-old Pete Burns passed away.

Carrot Top

The American comedian, who you may have seen in “The Clinic,” “Bachelor Party in Vegas,” “The Devil and Daniel Webster,” has always built his career on jokes around his looks. But as a result of his botched plastic surgeries, more and more started laughing at him, rather than with him.

Mickey Rourke

Of all Hollywood actors, Mickey Rourke’s face has undergone the most unfortunate changes. Once a sex symbol and star of the movies “Nine and a Half Weeks” and “Angel Heart” in the 1990s began to engage in professional boxing. As a result, he required the intervention of plastic surgeons. It was unsuccessful and the actor acquired an almost unrecognizable appearance.

Michael Jackson

The whole world was watching the transformation of black-skinned pop king Michael Jackson into a white man. Sensational change of skin color was explained by the musician serious illness, but the press did not get tired of discussing the unsuccessful nose job of the star. Michael Jackson’s appearance began to be ridiculed on numerous comedy shows, which, along with scandals around the singer’s personal life, destroyed his reputation.

The Bogdanov brothers

French twin brothers with Russian roots Igor and Grigory Bogdanov appeared on television in the late 1970s as hosts of popular science shows. For 40 years they remained in demand as TV stars, but their appearance acquired huge changes, which could not help but be criticized by viewers.

Kenny Rogers

Country music star Kenny Rogers is one of the few celebrities to openly admit to plastic surgery. The musician has been in celebrity status for years and his peak has already been passed. So he decided that he could improve his appearance, especially since he had the money. The result disappointed him greatly.

Sylvester Stallone

Since the early 2000s, the appearance of Sylvester Stallone began to acquire such changes that soon no one was left in doubt that the actor resorted to numerous plastic surgeries.

Enrique Iglesias

In 2003, the singer Enrique Iglesias removed a mole from his face, which caused a huge stir in the press and forced the public to seriously discuss the existence of dissatisfaction with their appearance, not only in the context of women, but also men.

Tom Cruise

A few years ago, Tom Cruise was one of those celebrities who manage to retain their youth and beauty for many, many years. However, coming out on the threshold of his 60th birthday Tom Cruise has changed significantly in appearance, and the press and the public began to argue about what procedures he has undergone and is undergoing.

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