Russell Crowe called “kind and lovely man” after donating $5500 to help couple in trouble, years after divorce

Actor and filmmaker Russell Crowe has been successful in many things, such as his career and fatherhood. However, his marriage to actress, singer and songwriter Danielle Spencer failed.

The couple met in 1989 while filming “The Crossing.” Not long after their meeting, Crowe and Spencer became romantically involved, and during the following years, they dated from time to time.

Finally, in 2003, the couple decided to unite their lives forever. The “Gladiator” star and Danielle exchanged wedding vows in a romantic ceremony at the actor’s home in Nana Glen, South Wales, Australia.

A few months later, in December 2003, they welcomed their first son, Charles. In July 2006, they expanded their family with the arrival of their second son, Tennyson.

Unfortunately, the happiness lasted only a few years. In October 2012, after nine years of wedded bliss, the couple separated, but it took them more than five years to finalize the divorce.

The actor had an unexpected way of publicizing the end of his divorce. He offered 200 items he had obtained during his marriage at an auction known as “The Art of Divorce.”

The items included collections of furniture, artwork, clothing, watches, guitars and many memorabilia. With their sale, Crowe realized an incredible $3.7 million.

About two months after the auction, he made the official announcement via Twitter. As picked up by Closer Weekly, the post read:

“Yesterday, April 9, 2018, at 12:30 p.m. ET (Aus)… I officially got divorced. Thank you, judges. Thank you ball boys.”

In the years since the divorce, the stars have managed to maintain a cordial relationship, which is important to Danielle. According to the Australian actress, they have known each other since they were teenagers and have been through a lot together. The good relationship allows them to do things together with their children.

Crowe may be busy because of his thriving career, but his sons, Charles, 18, and Tennyson, 16, are his top priority. That became clear when he missed an awards show in Hollywood.

The show usually starts the first week of January, but for Crowe, the period between Christmas and New Year’s is special for the family. According to him, being close to his children is the best thing that can happen to him.

Although Charles and Tennyson spend most of their time with their mother in Australia, Russell spends valuable time with his children, which means everything to him.

Aside from his professional life and his great performance as a father, Russell has also focused on helping people in trouble financially. Recently, he made headlines after preventing a couple’s business from collapsing.

On October 6, 2022, Leanne Fridd, owner of Booksbugs And Dragon Tales bookstore, started a crowdfunding program to help raise money for her struggling business.

According to Daily Mail, the woman hoped to raise around £15,000 (more than $16,000). To her surprise, she received a third of her monetary goal in a matter of hours from who she least expected: Crowe.

The actor donated £5,000 ($5,500), and left the owners speechless. Fridd revealed that she and her husband, Dan, were thrilled by the small donations they had been receiving, and when they saw Crowe’s contribution around 10:30 p.m. it was mind-blowing.

According to Fridd, they could not comprehend what was happening and were very grateful. The money will go a long way in helping his bookstore get back on its feet.

Once her business improves, Fridd says she will implement some measures on behalf of the community. Through the bookstore’s Dorothy Amery Readers Award Program, he will give books to children who are unable to access them.

That donation wasn’t Russell’s first to people in the community. In 2020, the actor donated nearly $3,300 to Harry Pritchard’s GoFundMe.

The young man entered LAMDA, a drama school, and needed help paying his $15,500 fees, so he started a GoFundMe. The actor came across Pritchard’s plea and decided to help.

Crowe’s donation came in handy, and he didn’t stop there. He also tagged his friend and businessman, Terry George, who gave him quite a substantial amount. Pritchard showed his appreciation for the support he received.

Crowe’s kind acts have generated positive comments from the public.

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