Salma Hayek, 56, showed daring bikini photos. And people say she looks better than young models.

The actress never ceases to amaze fans with her youthful appearance. Recently, Salma posted in social networks another portion of bold photos in a swimsuit, and the Internet simply exploded from the discussion of Hayek’s figure.

The wife of 61-year-old Francois-Henri Pinault in early July pleased fans with pictures taken in the pool. Salma posed in a bikini, which in all its glory shows the beautiful figure of a woman: taut stomach, thin arms and outstanding forms. Internet users were delighted with how young Hayek looks for her 56 years.

The actress captioned the photo:

“Happy Bikini Day! Do you believe the bikini was invented just 77 years ago?”

Salma didn’t stop there and posted a new post with a video of her swimming in a pool. The actress was diving and splashing in the water, not afraid to appear in front of an audience of millions without makeup or with disheveled hair.

The video has collected more than 30 thousand comments, people in one voice said that Salma in her years looks better than young models.

This is not the first time when the Internet raves about the appearance of the actress. Salma likes to exhibit photos in swimsuits, which is not surprising, because her figure is envied by many.

In early June, Hayek showed fans how she was vacationing on a yacht, and again collected enthusiastic comments.

“I thought it was an old photo,” one user wrote.

In spring, commentators were not stingy with compliments under the next post Hayek. Then she appeared in a bright bikini, posing on the stairs of the yacht.
And again sprinkled statements about the youthful appearance of Salma, some of the fans said that the actress looks no older than 25.
We admire not only the appearance of the actress, but also her self-irony, sense of humor and honesty.
So, Salma frankly said that she did not want to marry Francois-Henri, with whom she has been happily married for many years.

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